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The Gennius Belt Drive Pleated Patio System originated in Australia to enhance outdoor living experiences. It boasts a versatile and uncomplicated design, incorporating practical elements such as built-in guttering for effective water drainage.

The Gennius system offers flexible installation options, allowing it to be conveniently mounted on the wall or face, as well as on the ceiling or top. Additionally, it includes a front post for added support and stability.

• Remote control motor is the drive source
• Comes in widths up to 13.5mts and projection of 7mts.


The Giotto Fabric Tension System awning is purposefully crafted to seamlessly fit over glass roofs, conservatories, or pergolas. Its primary objective is to minimize heat and glare by providing shade to the glass or decked areas.

This innovative awning system effectively reduces heat buildup and prevents excessive glare, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience underneath. Whether installed over a glass roof, conservatory, or pergola, the Giotto awning effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Giotto Plus

The Giotto Plus Fabric Tension System awning is meticulously crafted with the specific purpose of being installed on powder-coated aluminum front legs. This design choice enhances the system’s versatility, making it suitable for both private and commercial installations.

By utilizing powder-coated aluminum front legs, the Giotto Plus awning ensures durability and a sleek aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into various settings. Whether it is for a residential or commercial environment, this system offers adaptability and style, allowing for a wide range of installation possibilities.

• The Giotto Plus can be fixed to an existing wall or roof eave and rests on two aluminium posts.
• Maximum width for the Giotto plus is 5mts and projection is 4mts.
• Twin models are available with each having its own motor. Maximum width is 10mts and projection is 4mts.

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