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The most traditional style of Awnings, the Automatic, runs on auto guides attached to the wall. This allows the awning to stay at a predetermined distance from your window.

  • Operation: To operate simply pull the awning straight down and once released the arms lock into place
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Drop Arm

Drop arm awning is a spring arm awning system which has fixed side arms that fall from a pivot point and maintain fabric tension. The arms can extend from 600mm up to 1500mm.

  • Operation: Crank operation or Motorised
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Crank Straight Drop

A Crank Straight Drop awning is gear operated using a crank handle . This awning is an ideal solution to protecting the balcony, verandah, patio or any outdoor area from sun, glare and rain. The awning is locked into position using dock clips with saddles or adjustable straps.

  • Operation: Crank operation or motorised
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Fixed Guide

Fixed Guide Awnings are an extremely effective and low cost option, ideal for 1st floor or out of reach windows, that are not easily accessible. Fixed Guide Awnings have a guide runner on the bottom bar which runs up two metal rods on either side, giving the awning the flexibility of stopping at any point without having to secure the base rail.

  • Operation: Easily operated internally or externally by cord and pulley, motor or crank
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas


Recloth are a great way to freshen up or create a total new look for existing awnings. A wide selection of contemporary and modern fabrics are available in canvas, acrylic or mesh

  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Rope and Pulley

Rope and Pulley, also known as verandah or butcher blinds, are the most traditional and affordable awnings .


Operation: A rope and pulley system works by the use of a single continuous rope to transmit a tension force around one or more pulleys to lift or lower a blind. The rope can also be tied off leaving the blind at any desired position. These blinds can be fixed to ground level or any midpoint by way of straps or clips

  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Channel IT

Channel blinds are ideal for windy areas and larger openings.
Powder coated aluminium channels 80mm or 100 mm with a heavy duty bottom rail is secured using a locking pin so blind can be tensioned at all times.

  • Operation: Crank operation or motorised
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Wire Guides

Wire guide awning is a contemporary look on a vertical blind. The bottom bar is connected to two stainless steel tension wire guides, allows the material to move up and down along the wire guides.

  • Operation: Available in external crank operation with crank handles for ground floor or motorised operation, which provides convenience for any fitting location
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic, Canvas

Vertiscreens 95 & 125

The Vertiscreen range of products has been specifically designed for Australian conditions, offering the very best in style, privacy and sun protection. The aluminium powder-coated head-box, with slim line design is offered in two sizes – 95x95mm and a larger head-box measuring 125x125mm, for longer drops only. It also offers a choice of adornments down each side of the product. The standard form is an aluminium powder-coated extrusion, in a matching color to the head-box. The optional fitment utilizes Stainless Steel wire guides – an un-obtrusive method of providing a side guide system for your awning.

  • Operation: Gear-box with a crank handle, or motorised
  • Fabric: Mesh, Acrylic or PVC